After Hours Ministries 
"because true ministry always begins after hours"

  • AHM has launched out to help the Native American peoples living on the Reservations to find Jesus Christ and provide for the many needs there.

  • AHM primary focus is to help provide resources to First Nation peoples that transform lives.

  • AHM Is also a Christian apologetics based ministry whose purpose is to help others become grounded in their faith.

Website Under Construction

New Thoughts for the Week added - 11/02/2018
Also new Page Two to the Prayer Template Section 
Three new Blog pages added
New Radio show now posted in the 
YouTube/Video section
Part One of a new series entitled
Blood in the Trenches 
as well as Part Six of Satan's Tool's Series
Also added Page three to You Tube CD Videos and  
Live Video of my Testimony
Link to  Real Cuf Radio Interview