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Part One: Queen of Serpents the Day Demoness

by Bryan W Melvin on 01/09/19

Part One: Queen of Serpents the Day Demoness

By B W Melvin

Electronic Copyright 2019


Do you find yourself being blocked, obstructed, in life? Are freak accidents becoming commonplace in your life or in your family? Have strange and prolonged illnesses keep after you no matter how you pray or do? Are you becoming fearful, losing confidence, or feel like giving up, like what’s the use?

Are you isolating yourself more and more? experiencing unnatural exhaustion? Do your thoughts or dreams seem to ruminate on defeat, torture, sexual nature, or just ramble on and on?

If so, you are under attack by one of the most - nasty demonic spirits out there…

Let me tell you, you may not be dealing with some lower order demonic host but rather a head ruling principality who is over their own military hierarchy that it sends out to do its bidding 


The Apostle Paul describes such military hierarchy in Ephesians 6:12

“For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.” NKJV

This Military Hierarchy consist of... 

1-principalities, (despotisms, evil despotic rulers over large areas)

2-powers, (authorities of the unseen realm)

3-rulers of the darkness of this age, (Mighty powers - Mater Spirits of darkness)

4-Spiritual hosts (evil spirit) forces of wickedness in the heavenly places (spiritual realm).

1-Principalities, (despotisms, evil rulers) are the head leaders – the Five Star generals (over an entire theater of operations in charge of all armies controlling armies from other nations) Bent on universal control of heaven by battling on earth. (I use the terms General for the readers understanding)

Under them are

2-Powers, authorities of the unseen realm liken to Four Star Generals and three Star Generals plus their staff. Four Star Generals command an entire army in a single geographic area divided into Corps. Three Star generals command Corps. A Corps is made up of several divisions (or legions). Carries out orders for world control, domination in order to overthrow God in heaven.

Under them are

3-Rulers of the darkness of this age, Mighty powers - Master Spirits of darkness (Two and One Star Generals and their staffs. Two Star Generals are divisions commanders. Under them are One Star Generals are brigade commanders that make up a division. Bent on carrying out fighting orders for world and universal control/domination.

 Under them are

4-Spiritual hosts (evil spirit) forces of wickedness in the heavenly places (spiritual realm or the spirits behind the stars, constellations, and planets – Utely’s Commentary). Are the all Colonels, Majors, Captains, Lieutenants, Sergeants, Corporals, and all lower ranks. To the troops used take over, enforce control and dominate an area – subdue it – pacify it into submission.


Do you realize that the ancient pagan deities of Canaan and Mesopotamia help identify this Ephesians 6:12 crowd who is out for blood – yours and mine! They are relentless foes and Paul warns us that there is a spiritual war going on and ignoring it will not make it go away.


Well, we are in a wrestling match - assailed by one very nasty spirit in control of a system.

Who is it?      Answer -      Ashtoreth –       Queen of serpents, the day demoness

Here are a few facts about the Queen of serpents, the day demoness


Ashtoreth is leading commanding strongman over other commanders in the devil’s army, one of the leading 7 fallen ones (gods) Who Decree in the ancient Mesopotamian pantheon. These seven are the inner circle of the devil. Top commanders over the dark armies. The 5 stars… Principalities

Ashtoreth goes by other names as well: to the Canaanites as ASTARTE, to the Sumerians, INANNA, to the Babylonians, ISHTAR to the Assyrians and the Akkadians, ASHTART, ASHTORETH, ASHERAH, and ASTORETH, to the Egyptians, ISIS, ASHET AND ASET, to the Phoenicians, TANIT-ASHTART and ASHTAROTH. The Ugaritic name was ANAT. Aphrodite (Greek Love Goddess) Cybele (Roman Mother Earth Goddess) Venus (Roman Love Goddess) In Other pagan religions known also as Yin, Oshun, Pomba, Gira, Yemaya, and Cletic as Cerridwen (1) (7)

Ashtoreth is Part of the Moon god triad: Nanna-Moon, Ishtar-Venus, and Utu/Nergal/Apollo (Greek) – Sun.  Military symbol for this group is associated with Horns and crescent moon shape, and serpents.

Identified as the goddess of love/sex, beauty, war, fertility – dispenser of secret knowledge – holds the tablets of destines to control destines of men/women – by the caldron of knowledge in Celtic lore. (1) (7)

 Responsible for war, death, seduction, beauty, self-glorification and adornment, giver of wisdom and secret knowledge from the gods, secret writings, revelations, and instruction into occult secrets and the handling and conjuring of serpents/snakes (1)

Ashtoreth was known as the queen of heaven, whore of Babylon. Josephus in Apion 1, 18, Antiquities viii. 3, 1 state that Ashtoreth was ‘always virgin’ betrothed to Baal. An aside note here - the meaning of the name Jezebel refers to chaste bride of Baal.

 Ashtoreth is also known as the huntress, the young warrior maiden of triple goddess worship.

More Facts about Ashtoreth/Aphrodite/Ishtar: The Book of Ceremonial Magic by Arthur Edward states it is not a female but first appears as male then appears as female. Enforces all forms of sexual deviance and transgenderism. It seeks to dominate and control and make all submit to the chief adversary and it self. By using sex appeal, inspiration, sorcery, astrology, herbs, science, poetry, spells, knowledge, wisdom, past lives, regeneration, and divination such as - visions and Prophecy designed to seduce in order to kill, rob, and destroy. (1)


Rank according to occultist as the Grand Duke of the Western Regions of Hell… the Western regions refers to waters of the abyss or abuz in occult circles. (1)

Titled - the Crown Princess Astaroth who is a Guidance Counselor for both Demons and humans. Deals in mostly human affairs. Speaks seductively to lure away by preying on meeting and actualizing human desires. The hallmark of this spirit - puffs up mind, glorifies body, and justifies seeking glory in attaining power to maintain some form of control. (1)

The Occult teaches that Astaroth/Ashtoreth is Known as the Day demoness (giver of secret of light) and commands 40 demonic legions…it is interesting to note about a legion. (1)

A Roman legion at its peak had approx. 6000 men in it. Four Legions made up one army. Assigned to each army of 4 legions were added 2 auxiliary legions of Non-Roman Citizens foreigners allied with Rome which could be passed around between armies per military need. So, each Army had a total of 6 legions (36,000 troops in each army).


Astaroth commands 40 legions. So, his command consists of 10 armies of around 240,000 to 360,000 total demonic minions - Jezebel like spirits - that reflect his/her character traits, to take out men and women of God by all means possible. It can call on more Auxiliaries as needed as well. These forces are both fallen angels and demons along with human host to operate out of. (1)

Human agents under its influence are marked by an over inflated ego of self-importance and self-aggrandizement. They have a marked love of self, a hubristic narcissism that makes them cynical know it alls. They dazzle - seduce by their revelations in order to collect souls for Ishtar/Ashtoreth.


Ashtoreth/Astaroth is known to occultist as The Treasurer of Hell – the collector of treasures/booty for hell. Known as a collection agent of souls.  (4)

Planet identifier is Venus. Animal Icon is the Cobra or Viper: Metal is Copper. Element identifier is earth - to guide planet Earth to submit to a king/idea/ be under control dominated (2) 

The Zodiac Position is: 25-29 degrees of Taurus and 10 - 20 degrees of Capricorn (2) - The constellation Capricorn in ancient Sumerian was associated with the planet Saturn (Enlil), and also related to the Mesopotamian god Enki = called the goatfish... ie Pan – known as the Keeper of the Gates (of hell). Pan’s Grotto at base of Mt Hermon is where Jesus told Peter the gates of hell will not prevail…. Too bad church does not teach this stuff - see notes in part three of this article to find out how the Chaldean Numbers 10 and 20 relate to the bringing forth the antichrist...

Traditional Colors for Big Jezebel/Ashtoreth: According to “The Wiccan Hand Book, by Ellen Holland page 238,” Pink is an angelic color. It is scared to Aphrodite/ Venus (who is the same as Ashtoreth). It is used for spells and angel magic, and to attract loyalty, service, friendship, by stirring up all emotional need mechanisms to be controlled.

Other colors are mint green, red, silver, white, and copper, and various calming blues. Candle colors known to occultist for Ashtoreth/Ishtar are: pink, green, red, and silver (white).


Priestess of Astarte/Ishtar/Ashtoreth – Are often told to dye their hair in pink by an entity, or use any of these other colors, to mark them as special messengers on earth to humanity – to bring forth new light, revelation, and secret info from the gods for humanities good related to the color meaning worn to lure people into its seductive web.

Pink is associated with softness to let one’s guard down, and is used to hide its warrior nature from its victims. By seducing to control them by manipulation, words, decreeing judgments, threats, war, intimidation.

Pink, a diluted form of red worn by such hide its red side which is out for war, blood.  Cross it and the war comes out in threats of ‘do no touch the lords anointed – don’t question it – or else!’  It seeks to silence God’s people that oppose or expose it.

Also, the spokespersons for Ashtoreth use multiple peacock feathers with their eye’s. These multiple feathers represent the all-seeing eye of Hera – mother of the gods known in triple goddess lore. The multiple Peacock feather eyes represent wisdom, secret knowledge, seduction, power.

Ashtoreth’s spokespersons also use very soft sensual seductive blue colors, that mimics God’s heavenly blue color often surrounded by a vibrant white-gold - like the – morning and evening star Venus shines at crack of dawn and evening. They wear these colors and use symbols associated with the Moon god’s triad – solar disk – Gold circle – 6 or 7 pointed crowns, that often represent Saturn’s eye or the black sun symbol. In other words, Ashtoreth and Saturn (aka Enlil) work together.

Ashtoreth uses multiple peacock feather eyes, while Saturn/ Moloch/ Chronos uses one feather eye to represent Saturn’s’ eye symbol/black sun symbol of the occult world indicating one follows Saturn.

Ashtoreth/Aphrodite/Ishtar is also related to the waters from the abuz/abyss – likewise – associated with water in nature itself such as beaches, or near clean, natural pools of water and waterfalls. Also, areas such as bathrooms, saunas and pools used for the beautification and honor the extreme glorification of the body. (3) (4)

This spirit is a fallen angel, a watcher, and controls a system

Revelation 17:5 this spirit is identified as the whore of Babylon riding on the beast and as a warrior against God’s people. Rev 18:3 reveal the system of the world she controls of merchandising people, feeds of greed, fear of not being beautiful, feeds of revenge and of controlling others by all manner of warfare, character assassination, political means, etc.  

This spirit has taken over the tasks of Azazel, who is mentioned in the book of Enoch and also mentioned in the bible in Lev 16:8-26 due to its banishment in the hell. Thus, it is also a seducer to religious ideas and seeks to blend occult practices into the church and exalt one world religion.

Next to the devil himself, this spirit, is in charge of the other 5 head principalities and they all work together in the affairs of humanity to bring forth chaos, so their golden age order can arise again thru their messiah, the anti-Christ, on earth in one last attempt to overthrow God’s throne. (1)

Revelation 2:20 mentions that it is a prophesying spirit for the dispensing of secret knowledge (3)


Prophecies and visions from this being often include an extreme overkill use of waterfalls – rushing waters, pools, seas imagery in their prophesy’s way beyond any scope of reality. This is a dead giveaway that someone is under its influence. To occultist, these water features are used in its visions that reveal secret knowledge from the sweet water of the abuz (hell) to addict people to its control.

This new revelation and secret knowledge (light) lures and seduces one slowly away from the Lord God Almighty by, often, appearing to be from and loyal to God, so a Christian slowly relies more and more on the spokesperson than on the indwelling Holy Spirit as Jesus taught (Acts 16:18 tells a story of this luring until Paul cast it out of the person). (3)

The spokespersons of Ashtoreth lay claim that they are God’s favored ones sent on a mission to reveal secrets from God’s throne or heaven to the masses. Anyone who dares question them is touching God’s anointed – them and thus incur God’s wrath despite the bible phrase – touch not the Lord’s anointed – refers to King David’s persecutor, King Saul, not David himself. (3)

They dispense the waters of the abyss in secret new revelations, in fact, the same that caused Azazel to be banished to hell for as disclosed in 1 Enoch 9:5, “Thou hast seen what Azazel has done, how he has taught every species of iniquity upon the earth and has disclosed to the world all the secret things which are done in the heavens.”

Ashtoreth has taken over Azazel’s task while he is bound in the abyss and thus shares the same trait through its spokes persons in revealing the mysteries of heaven or God, which are perversions to cause human beings to transgress against God without realizing it and get them into an elitist form of pride. (1) (3) (4)

Folks, these sorts of spokes people will manifest more and more in the last days! But be of good cheer, in Isaiah 44:27, God promises to dry up these waters…so folks stop drinking daily to rely on the polluted waters of the abyss. Last days call will go forth for a reason:

Rev 18:4, And I heard another voice from heaven saying, "Come out of her, my people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues.”

We have God’s word on this. Activate it! Pray Isaiah 44:27 over yourself and those around you!



(1) Encyclopedia of Demons in World Religions and Cultures, pages 53-54, by Theresa Bane, McFarland & Company Inc Publishers

(2) Warning -Occult website - Enter with caution -

(3)  The Book of Sitra Achra, John Richard Putignano 2008 S.A.M. Publications LULU Publishing


(4) A Brief Guide to the Supernatural: Ghosts, Vampires and the Paranormal, Leo Ruickbie, Constable and Robertson LTD, London, 2012

(7) Notes from various bible commentaries on Ashtoreth: Utley’s Bible Study Commentary, Keil and Delitzsch Commentary, Cambridge Bible Commentary

Continued below…

Part Two: Queen of Serpents the Day Demoness

by Bryan W Melvin on 01/09/19

Part Two: Queen of Serpents the Day Demoness

By B W Melvin

Electronic Copyright 2019


Continued: Ashtoreth influenced Jezebel who is mentioned in the bible


We see this in the History of Jezebel who was neglected by her father, who was a king and priest of Ashtoreth, and abused by her mother to be groomed to bear the Spirit of Ashtoreth.


Example: 1Ki 16:31 reveals that Jezebel was the daughter of Ethbaal, king of the Sidonians; and he went and served Baal and worshiped him. Her father was a king and priest of Ashtoreth/Astarte and the moon god, also known as Nanna … and the Baal’s (7)

Josephus in "Apion 1, 18, Antiquities viii. 3, 1 of the Jews" writes that Jezebel, was daughter of a regicide (slaying of leaders/kings) and fratricide (slaying of one’s own brothers and sisters. She was neglected by father and dominated by her mother and groomed to be the forever chaste bride of baal, a Lord." (Thus she was groomed to be ‘Ashtoreth/Astarte’ incarnate as was the custom, so she could bring forth the sun god into the world to rule the world per storyline of that false deity - known to us as the anti-Christ in bible).  

From this we discover that this spirit seeks to operate out of of folks who have severe fear issues of being rejected and thus recruits such into its auxiliary ranks. Some sort of abuse/ trauma happens early in life. This rejection/trauma causes them to act in ways that they must control, dominate in order not to feel rejected and ever be hurt again in order to survive. Thus, Ashtoreth, the big Jezebel, sends her forces to gain entrance into one’s soul thus making men and women into little Jezebel’s.


Christians talk much about the Jezebel spirit but forget they are also tangling with its master…Who seeks to take out God’s people, by deceit, manipulation, death, discouragement, illnesses etc


Identifying Ashtoreth/Aphrodite/Ishtar influence 

They demand submission or else! They obstruct and seek to remove God’s leaders and mature Christians or control them if possible or attack them with thoughts of giving up. They seek to make Ahab’s to control. They pit people against each other. They weasel quickly into positions of Leadership.


In Home, community, or politics this spirit seeks to dominate, control, abusive one moment and kind the next. It is a whinny spirit if it cannot get its way. It exults itself and demands obedience and manipulates. People are made to feel like they are victims, and uneasy about crossing it. It is intimidating, and people feel compelled to submit to it though they hate it.


Celtic version consisted of the full triple goodness theme of the young seductive huntress maiden (Ashtoreth/ Ishtar) who seduces and wars. Next, the mother (Ninlil) as the kindly wise mother who directs life, and old crone (Ninshursag), who is disagreeable, dominating, maliciously sinister, with supernatural associations that can make her supportive or obstructive. These three are all rolled into one in paganism but all act in unity to bring ruin, afflictions, strange diseases, accidents, even death.


According to Above and Beyond Christian Counseling website: Those under the influence of a true Jezebel do the following:

1-Seek to control others so that they will not be hurt again.

2-Are manipulative, cunning, crafty, and often prophetic types, and wise in own eyes

3-They target the Leadership by offering free help to be their top assistant. Or be in a leadership positions because they want a pastor/family/agency’s CEO’s protection. This serves to hide them from the leader’s view while it often manifests in front of others by being demeaning or abusive.

4-They make commitments and promises quickly and use recommendations or promotions from others to impress others.

5-They seem super-spiritual or wise know it alls in an exaggerated way to gain acceptance and attention. They are never wrong. They play the victim very well.

6-They play on compassion to block discernment and are big on being under authority (theirs)

7-They have their own agendas and look for disciples, or others who are hurt and wounded to

    mentor them – groom them for control as liken to play things

8-They whine until they get their way. They blame everyone else, and abusive when crossed

9-Verbal, sexual, or psychical abuse begins in slow stages after a period of love bombing

10-They isolate and pit people against each other privately and individually behind closed doors.

11-They use false humility and feel entitled or owed something.

13-They are not accountable to anyone and often accuse others of bucking their authority

14-They accuse people falsely, of being a Jezebel, or in error, and they retaliate by manipulating

     People or circumstances and if all else fails they revert to numbers 8,10 and 16

15-They operate with insecurity – in families they are abusively dominating/threatening

16-They initiate witchcraft prayers in churches or word conjuring based on selfish motivation to block,

     stop, obstruct, remove people they view as a threat or hindrance to attain and maintain their power

     and control. They will manipulate holding meetings in order to block, obstruct, remove threats

17-They look to turn leaders into Ahab’s – for example Rev 2:20-23 Jezebel made a church Ahab like

      to work through


Above and Beyond Counseling website notes these things happen to those who cross it - experience:


1-Becoming fearful, loss of confidence, want to give up, and you isolate yourself more.

2-Experience unreasonable exhaustion.

3-Thoughts and dreams often can become sexually perverse or ramble or even become suicidal

4-Strange and prolonged illnesses hinder you

5-Freak accidents become commonplace

6-There seems to be a block- hindrance that obstructs from attaining freedom, blessings, etc


If allowed there will be a spirit of confusion in a church or organization, sickness, and strange illnesses happen and even death to those viewed as threats. They make confusion, chaos then come and save the day which improves their status so none suspects them. Soon control- dominance increases in a church or organization or family after this. 

How do we deal the head Jezebel spirit and his minions?


Pray to break the Command and Control from this head principality by going before God to gain the insights needed to do battle as it is written:


Proverbs 24:6, “…for by wise counsel/guidance you can wage your war, and in abundance of counselors there is victory.” NKJV

Go before the throne of Grace – the Heavenly council room because: “Blessed be the LORD my Rock, who trains my hands for war, And my fingers for battle.” Psalms 144:1 NKJV 


Wage war wisely by God’s wise heavenly council to attain God’s decree – not your demands or your decrees over the leading top 7 fallen angels (There are 7 top commanders more on this later). Why?


God when speaking to Job mentions the head principality, Leviathan, God said this: “ Lay your hand on him; Remember the battle— Never do it again!  Indeed, any hope of overcoming him is false; Shall one not be overwhelmed at the sight of him? Job 41:8-9 NKJV  


Jude 1:9 reveal this as well: “But when the archangel Michael, contending with the devil, was disputing about the body of Moses, he did not presume to pronounce a blasphemous judgment, but said, "The Lord rebuke you." ESV

They have role in future prophetic events – you cannot stop this – if you try, that is how you bring a reviling accusation against them and you open the door of self-righteous pride and will be beat up by the very host you reviled.


Our authority comes from our commander – Jesus Christ. We have access because of our new birth as God’s adopted children to go into the council room of God to find out how to do battle and go out to war. Think of it as your prayer closet, war room, go there anytime.


This is where you report to God what is going on, what the hindrances are, remind God of his promises to spread the gospel, etc and if the head leaders continue – how can his will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Ask him to decree to head principalities to be restrain and you be protected.


Ask him to send forth His Holy Loyal Angels – let him send these and assign them their task. God knows better and more than you do what they need to do - Avoid pride. Ask the Lord God to keep you far from the evil one and ask that he breaks its control over family, church, etc, grant a reprieve – so His will be done – Lord deliver us from the evil one!


Our names are written where?


Luke 10:19-20, "Behold, I give you the authority to trample on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power (Dunamis) of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt you. Nevertheless do not rejoice in this, that the spirits are subject to you, but rather rejoice because your names are written in heaven." NKJV


The serpents and scorpions represent all the lower ranks and Jesus gave us authority to mop up ALL of these. In other words, the 99.999% are for us to mop up, bind and lose, etc. God reserves the top seven head leaders for himself to deal with.  


For example, In Luke chapter 10 we find out the Jesus took on the head commanders when he crossed the Galilee and calmed the storm and then took out Legion, then onto the Mount of transfiguration show all who is really boss. After this, he sent out the 70 to mop up – think on this for a moment.


Before Legion was dealt with, the crossing of the Sea of Galilee and calming both waters and storm represent Jesus rebuking the cause of the storm – the Baal Storm gods, the fallen angels known as Enlil and Ninlil, who were over the commander Legion. Later, Jesus sent the man and the 70 into the region to mop op Legion. Our authority = mop up legion by binding and loosing etc and etc.  


A Christians, our names are written in heaven. This means we as Christians are members of God’s heavenly council as his representative leaders on earth to report on the works of the enemy in churches, family, home, community, nation, to get insight on how God wants to handle it and how he directs this in spiritual warfare.


The leading principalities do not want repentance or conviction of sins to be felt over an area. Therefore, by faith go before the heavenly council by running boldly to the throne of Grace. Ask the Lord rebuke and restrain the head leaders, so they cannot stop God’s outpourings of conviction and true heartfelt repentance. Tell them the Lord Jesus rebukes you…as did the archangel Michael did.


Next pray and seek the Lord on what he wants to do and how obey and do what Isaiah 61:1-4 reveals such as Good news given, broken heart healed, repeating captivating sins stopped, set free from the prison of sickness, thought, oppression etc.. is actualized. It is a wrestling match - folks a war.


We have authority because of who and what Jesus accomplished. In this, we can go boldly to throne of grace to find help in time of need to battle the head Principalities correctly. In the bible the Lord himself took out the 5-star generals (there are only 7 of them total). The Lord Rebuke/restrain thee is a wise course of action and wise use of our authority as a believer in Jesus Christ.


Think of going before our commander in chief and get his orders/decrees against this spirit. Such as, “Lord keep us far from the evil one! Lord tell this spirit to relent so your word and will of sanctification, folks coming to know you, be made known here, etc and etc." 


The rest we can bind and loose and rebuke and cast out as we have been taught. This is how we have power over all the works of the enemy. What soldier acts without orders from on high? What happens when the command and control centers of the enemy are disrupted – who is there to give the lower ranks their orders?


God reserves the top 7 demonic commanders for himself to deal with. He has us mop up the rest. Let’s use our authority Christ Jesus gave us wisely with intelligence. Stop acting without orders and charging up the hill or you will find yourself in over your head in pride and compromised.


Let’s active this by demonstration so you learn how to do this – Pray this prayer


Heavenly Father, I come before your throne of Grace now, I stand by faith in your heavenly council chamber, the throne of Grace, as your child, born again, and bought by the blood of Jesus on the cross and sealed forever yours.


I have need to be forgiven by the blood of Jesus shed upon the cross to be cleansed and released from tolerating all Jezebel spirits and entraining them in my thought life, in my fears, by my loss of backbone, by my loss of a moral compass and courage. Forgive of my sins and stupidity that opens the door to the devil to stop me.


I ask that you decree your word to restrain all Jezebel spirits from afflicting me, as it is written, we are to be your light and salt on this earth.  If they extinguish this, your light, then this cannot be carried out and your will – is not be done in my life and you’re your kingdom is prevented from coming and shining thru me, (us, your people, etc) on earth as it does in heaven.


I ask for the Jezebel influence and attacks be stopped in my life. Search me Lord God and reveal to me the deep things of your council beyond my scrutiny that I cannot see causing me to agree with the enemy and how to fully stop this in my life.


Reveal any and all open doors I opened through anger, bitterness, unforgiveness (Add your own list here) that causes me to give place to the devil. I repent of these and renounce them. I asked you to empower me to resist the enemy, in Jesus name and cleanse of their effects of discouragement, hopelessness, fear (add your own list here) – cleanse me in Jesus name. I submit myself to you.


Heavenly Father I ask you to decree to the Jezebel spirits attacking me to stop so that your will and call be fulfilled in my life. Thank you for these words to speak to these spirits – Lord Jesus rebukes you … Lord Jesus rebukes you… Lord Jesus rebukes you…in Jesus name!


I ask by the same Holy Spirit power, your power, that raised Jesus from the dead that dwells in me to raise me up -- heal my soul and heart from all wounds inflicted that shattered my heart that opened doors, windows, of my soul, to all demonic influences to be healed and closed now in Jesus name. Fill me now, fill me now, fill me now – in Jesus name!


Infuse me with your resurrection power to grant me moral power-courage to resist the devil and the affects of all trauma and drama influencing my life to compromise – forgive me of this by the blood of Jesus. Grant me my marching orders and cause me to complete your will on earth as it is decreed from heaven by you.


Empower me with your resurrection power to make my soul, whole, sound, and healed so I can carry out your will on earth as it is in heaven in - Jesus name… Amen



(7) Notes from various bible commentaries on Ashtoreth: Utley’s Bible Study Commentary, Keil and Delitzsch Commentary, Cambridge Bible Commentary

Recommended Books on the subject of Nephilim, Fallen Angels, Watchers, and ancient Mesopotamian and Greek gods and Ashtoreth 


God’s and Thrones, by Carl Gallops


Last Clash of the Titans, by Derick Gilbert


The Unseen Realm, by Dr Michael S Heiser


Judgment of the Nephilim, by Ryan Pitterson


The Genesis 6 Conspiracy. by Gary Wayne

(See notes in next post)




Part three of three - Notes - Queen of Serpents the Day Demoness

by Bryan W Melvin on 01/09/19

Part Three Notes: Chaldean Number meanings of Ashtaroth’s Zodiac position

By B W Melvin

Electronic Copyright 2019



The Zodiac Position is: 25-29 degrees of Taurus and 10 - 20 degrees of Capricorn – Let’s first explore the constellation Capricorn, which in ancient Sumerian was associated with the planet Saturn (Enlil), and also related to the Mesopotamian god Enki = called the goatfish…


Ashtaroth’s Zodiac position


What I am about to share is based on the use of Chaldean Numerology and how the numeric meaning from Ashtaroth’s Zodiac positions shows what this entity is up too, its task, and its goal. The ancient Chaldean system is like reading enemy propaganda boasting of their glory and renown.  


What I am going to share is based solely on my research compiled from various sources that share common meanings of Chaldean numbers. In that system, simple mathematical reduction formulas add to the numeric meanings which corresponds to a subject, a context, which concerns Ashtoreth for us.


These deduction formulas come by adding numbers used together such as 10+20 to find the sum, 30. The sum total of 30 is reduced further to its lowest number form like this: 3+0=3. So, you end up with these number, 10,20,30 and 3. You also can reduce 10 to 1+0=1 and come up with 1,2,3.


Next you look at the number meaning based on the subject and the storyline seen in the celestial bodies (planets, stars) that the numbers also represent. Numeric meanings are set up like our own dictionaries and contain several meanings for one word. The Subject and context pinpoint the meaning and a story is revealed.


The Chaldean numeric system is used in occult world along with the Kabbalah and Pythagorean systems. Therefore, to research to find the closest meaning involves noting similar meanings and stick with these. I do not advise doing this because people go number happy and can get stupid.


To shorten things a bit for you, here is a synopsis of the storyline. It amazingly follows the bible. 

At some point, there was a rebellion in the Heaven to overthrow God’s throne as Revelation 12:1-12 reveals. It failed and a third of the rebellious angels were cast to earth in what appears in a progression till that 1/3rd number was reached by the time of Genesis Chapter Six when the fallen angels attempted to corrupt the human gene pool in order to prevent the words God spoke in Genesis 2:15 from happening.  

The rebellious Watchers were defeated by the flood in the time of Noah and suffered great set back. At least 200 of the leading fallen watchers were sent to the abyss for 70 generations for this till they will be released to fight the final battle in their quest to defeat and overthrow God's throne. (5)

In the book of Jubilees it tells how 10 percent of the 200 leaders were allowed to remain around earth. There were seven top leaders of the rebellion and of these, the devil and two of these top leaders were allowed to remain. The other four were sent to the abyss and can influence people from there. (6)


Ashtaroth was one of those allowed to remain, the second, third, or fourth in command took over the roles of the 4 imprisoned watchers. With this background, comes the story line involving the planned rise of the final antichrist by creating chaos so new golden age, a new world order arises to dethrone God by using humanity as pawns.

The remaining fallen angels are relentless in their plans to bring forth their very messiah to humanity in order to restore their antediluvian golden age. This failed when Jesus Christ came and defeated death and the enemy on the cross and by the resurrection when he crushed the head of the serpent as Gen 3:15 states.

From here this is where Ashtoreth’s/Ishtar’s celestial Zodiac position numbers adds more details to this storyline by examining their numeric meaning.


Celestial Identifiers


The numeric meaning and formula of 10 - 20 degrees also identifies fallen angels who go by the names of old pagan (false) gods. By this, we discover their plan and story line. For simplicity here it is:


Ashtoreth’s Zodiac position of 10 – 20 degrees of Capricorn uses the formula 10+20=30 finding the sum of 30. These numbers are associated with planets and stars which identify fallen angels because the ancient religions identified their gods that way. 


For example, the Number 10 is associated with the planet Jupiter (who is Anu, aka Zeus, aka Satan) and Babylonian dragon deity, Marduk. The number 20 is associated with the sun deity - Utu also known as Shammash and also known in Greek as Apollo and known in the bible as Apollyon in Revelation 9:11. The Number 30 is the moon deity known as Nanna/Sin…


Thus, from Jupiter (10) comes a work to bring forth a son – Nergal/Apollo aka Tammuz (20) out of the abyss to rule the world by the help provided by the Moon false god, Nanna (30), who is related to Ishtar/big Jezebel (Venus) along with the remaining two of  the triple goddesses.


The task of Ishtar/big Jezebel is to create the means and climate whereby this leader can come forth out of the abyss. This is seen in the reduced sum 3 found by 3+0=3. The word meaning of 3 identifies the role and works of Ashtoreth/Ishtar.  


So, you have the sun, moon, and star symbols used in many secret societies such as in the pillars of Free Masonry. They are united to bring forth a one world governmental leader – the son of the Dragon. By use of the Sun by wisdom and by Moon’s severity to bring forth chaos into the world by Venus. So, this leader can arise from the pit – the son of the Dragon who comes from below by means of Ashtoreth’s influence governed from above. (7)


This is where the adding and reduction of the numbers used, and their number meanings come into focus next derived this way: 10+20=30 reduced 3+0= back to the number 3.


Basic meanings of 10, 20, 30, and 3 in the Chaldean number system:


10 denotes a "Wheel of Fortune" that promotes honor, faith, in a self-confident hubris of one's rise and fall so that one will be either be known for their renown of good or evil governed by their actions of their desires. This number has a root meaning that adds to the meaning of 10 of being fortunate that one's plans are carried out by playing the game, playing the or ‘a’ system against itself. (Jupiter, the dragon, Satan is a master of this).


20 Means "the Awakening" and "the Judgement". Its symbol is of a winged angel sounding a trumpet call to action, while from below a man, a woman, and a child are seen rising from a tomb/ abyss with their hands clasped in prayer responding to the call to action by contacted fallen angels, etc.


In the occult world back then and now, this number is a call to action and duty, for a far greater cause leading to momentous future event so all people awaken and ally themselves to it. Or face harsh judgment against them that oppose by delaying, thwarting, hindering anyone against this planned awakening. Note: One of Utu aka Apollo roles is the one who brings forth judgment.


30 Means the use of thoughtful deduction, retrospection, and mental superiority over others. It willingly surrenders everything to the cause, duty. In this it represents an all-powerful mental state that is indifferent to the will or desires of the person under its influences or those its attacks. This is related to one of the charter traits of the false moon deity Nanna.


3 Means manifestations and expansion to create, manifests Ideas, to increase entrepreneurship /commerce, and forms of entertainment to brainwash/propagandize by one’s innate appreciation of pleasure, romance, art, and beauty. Justifies allowing all things as possible (do as thou will sum up the idea). It is extensive, sociable, dramatic, communicative, diversified, and creative. In Tarot cards this one known as the Empress of Divine Activity.


Think of the Whore of Babylon, Ashtoreth, as the Empress of divine activity. The activity that Ashtoreth does on earth to humanity is mention in the numeric meaning of 3.


Let's look as the meaning of these numbers and discover Ashtoreth tasks


Add to storyline note in the beginning to Ashtaroth’s Zodiac positions number meanings and, well, see for yourself. Ashtaroth task is to keep the


10 "Wheel of Fortune"  favorable so one's plans are carried out by playing the system against itself  by being a part of the system - in order to bring forth an…


20 "Awakening” from below for "Judgement” above by a call to action that comes from angels sounding trumpets to awaken a man, a woman, for the need of a child to arise from the abyss below to fulfill the devil’s cause and war against those that oppose the cause. (this is to be carried out…)


30 By the use of thoughtful deduction, retrospection, to gain mental superiority over others to force submission and surrender all for 'the cause' by being totally indifferent to  those who follow it and those its attacks. (This is brought forth…)


3 by manifesting, expanding, creating ideas, to increase entrepreneurship /commerce, and forms of entertainment to brainwash/propagandize by one’s innate appreciation of pleasure, romance, art, beauty, self-glory to war to win and control all brought forth by the Empress of Divine Activity


Please note - In the Book of Revelation we see the beast and false prophet arise from the abyss and thus are the man and child (devil’s messiah) mentioned in the meaning the number 20’s. The woman represents as best as can derive, Ninshursag aka Azazel - the old crone of triple goddess worship. 

Also note that The Whore of Babylon, aka Ishtar/Ashtoreth took over the old crone’s task to bring this all about on earth due to Ninshursag - Azazel's imprisonment. 


I know this will sound strange but starting around 2008 to 2018 strange trumpet sounds were heard worldwide and since then the explosion in gene splicing, AI development, and technology is simply astounding. Governmental leaders are openly pushing for one world government. Add to this, the rise of paganism world-wide.


I think you get the idea of the occult awakening of the last days as the numbers reveals Ashtoreth’s role to supply the means, plan, wealth, power, idea, knowledge to bring forth the beast and false prophet from the abyss. This is why occultist hold this one so dear.


25-29 degrees of Taurus - 25+29=54


Here 'is' the bottom line meanings of 25, 29 and 54:


25. denotes gaining strength through experience of trials, testing’s, strife, early on in life which lesson learned prove favorable late in life or a later time.

Note: In book of Rev chapter 12 the devil and his followers rebelled against God and were banished to earth. This, in their eyes, this was used to gain experience, wisdom, knowledge to use to their advantage in the later times in their attempt to overthrow God’s throne.


29. denotes the use of uncertainties, treachery, unreliableness, disunity, and deception of others and warns against this happening in the future within a group and/or using these traits against a foe to destroy their future gains of winning. 


What is learned is used to create uncertainty, chaos, treachery, make folks unreliable, sow disunity, and use deception in their foe’s camp. This reminds of 2 Tim 3:1-9 and the prophetic teaching concerning the last days.


54. Denotes acquiring and using material security to go all out to achieve goals, to win. Also denotes - the acquiring and heaping up of wealth, power, inheritance correctly all in unity within a group with united focus to attain a group’s united goal, endgame.


The other part of the meaning of 54 is this: If any setbacks occur then all ‘the team players’ must unite their specialist abilities in promoting change/adapt in order regain any lost ground. If unity is broken all the wealth, power, influence,  is lost and squandered away and the goal delayed.  

This means, they stick together and in lock step with each other. Support each other lies, pool resources for their new golden age to dawn.  

So, what I can best fit together using this method and applying context to Ashtoreth from the Zodiac degree numbers and meanings is this:


25 – in time past the fallen watchers fell from heaven and are attempting to gain strength by the experience of trials, testing’s, of the strife/war of their past rebellion and use this experience to reach a favorable outcome of dethroning God and taking over. (This is now headed up by Ashtoreth who)


29 –learned from past (Genesis 6) to create uncertainty, chaos, treachery, make humanity unreliable to each other, sow disunity, and use of deception in their foe’s camp better than they did before with oneness of purpose to reach the goal of dethroning God and taking over. (This is accomplished)


54 – by acquiring wealth and power as the material security needed to go all out to achieve the goal to win. One wins human agents over by this to unite them with the cause/goal by having groups combine wealth and resources to reach the goal by heaping it up on them by teaching them dark arts to connect with them – give them power and wealth to take over the world and so they can war against God. If any ground is lost, or set-backs occur reach the goal, then all ‘the team players’ must unite lockstep their specialist abilities in promoting change, adapt, in order regain any lost ground.


Next reduce the sum 54 as 5+4=9


This is done thru - 5 - communications, travel writing, promoting Eros, freedom, change that promotes new adventures, adding a vital life force to life by an irresistible magnetism guided by a – Divine Voice – (i.e. communication with fallen watchers)


By - 4 - divine overcoming by building unity, being detailed, dependable, and by constructing consciousness by the use of laws, systems, and order, discipline on earth so the emperor/world leader can overcome God’s order.


This is done by selling/fooling humanity by appeals – 9 - Humanitarian love, compassion, patience, universality, all are one, tolerance, selfless service (social justice), by divine light (illumination) from the fallen ones.

Now I ask you, do you see these things taking shape today?


Using further reduction methods, we arrive at these numbers and their meanings: 7,11, 18, and 9


How - 2+5=7 and 2+9=11 and 7+11=18 and 1+8=9




7.Metaphysical mysteries, spiritual mysteries, mediator (as in sorcery, divination), investigator, seeker, philosophies, all to elevate consciousness (as in intellectual elitism). to achieve divine victory


Context of victory refers dethroning God and taking over and along with this comes a warning…


11.Is an ominous number to occultists. It gives warning of hidden dangers, trial, and treachery from others. It has a symbol of a "Clenched Hand", and "a Lion Muzzled", and of a person who will have great difficulties to contend against.


Please note: The contextual warning 'of others' refers to the Lord Jesus Christ, the Commander of the Lord’s Armies see Rev 19 - and those in the Church who are faithful to God. The message is clear, Ashtaroth’s task is hinder the Lord’s return by creating the following in God's people and all of humanity... 


18. denotes: bitter quarrels, even family ones, war, social upheavals, revolutions; and in making money and gain prominence thorough all types of warfare and outright war. This number also warns of treachery, deception by others, and of natural disasters such as storms, floods, fires and explosions.


Please Note – Read Mathew 24, Luke 17 and Luke 21 and do you see the same issues? And this is accomplished on earth by pushing forth described by the number 9…


By pushing on humanity – 9 denotes: Humanitarianism, ideas of love and compassion, patience, universality (all are one), tolerance, selfless service (social justice ideas), and ending oppression toward achieving divine light for all (humanity).


Do you see these ideas today?


Now put it together with…


10 "Wheel of Fortune" favor and hubris faith that one's plans are carried out by playing the game, playing the system. (to bring forth an…)


20 "Awakening” from above for "Judgement” below. By a call to action that comes from angels sounding trumpets to awaken a man, a woman, and a child to arise from the abyss to fulfill a great cause and war against those that oppose the cause. (this is to be carried out…)


30 By the use of thoughtful deduction, retrospection, and mental superiority over others to force submission and surrender all for the cause by being totally indifferent to those its attacks and those who follow it. (This is brought forth…)


3 by manifesting, expanding, creating ideas, to increase entrepreneurship /commerce, and forms of entertainment to brainwash/propagandize by one’s innate appreciation of pleasure, romance, art, beauty, self-glory to war to win and control all brought forth by the Empress of Divine Activity.


That describes the task of Ashtoreth and we are seeing these today playing out – are we not?


Further notes – what does Chaldean numbers mean for 666?


666 comes from adding these numbers together 600+60+6. Thus 600, 60, 6 have meanings and the fallen angels, pagan false deities associated with them.


600 – is Timat  - the chaos being – known also as Ninshursag (Old crone of triple goddess lore)


60 is Anu – known aka as Satan/Zeus in Greek pantheon 


6 is Nergal/Apollo’s number


Bible says 6 is number for a man – the son of the devil – to release chaos- Timat/Ninshurag/Azazel from the abyss.




Also note - In the bible in Isaiah 65:11 ESV/NASB mentions two false deities identified as fortune (Gad) and destiny (Meni) in the ESV and NASB. Jewish interpretations have Gad identified with the planet Jupiter and called by the Arabs “the greater Luck-fortune both correspond to the number 10 in Chaldean number system.


Meni (M?nî) is identical with the goddess Arabian god Manât, who is known also as Ninshurag/Azazel the old crone of triple goddess worship…


Look at the number 20 again: "Awakening” from below for "Judgement” above. By a call to action that comes from angels sounding trumpets to awaken a man, a woman, and a child to arise from the abyss to fulfill a great cause and war against those that oppose the cause. (this is to be carried out…)


It is a shame that the much of the modern church has taken the supernatural out of the bible and does not teach what once was known as “givens” by 2 temple era Jews and the early church during its first 300 years. So much is missed in bible prophecy.


The world is moving toward that occultic 10 attitude very openly in media, government, science, arts, etc showing their plans, broadcasting them. 2 Timothy 2:1-9 reveals the effects in church people in the last days who acts like the world does promoting self-love gospels, being haughty with the things of God as okay.


We see the occult number 30 - meaning in operation today. The big Jezebel spirit and his minions giving his human followers a mental superiority attitude of introspective elitism who desire one world Government so that all aspects of science, math, the arts, government, media, etc are united by the occult number 3 and 20’s meanings.


Have you notice how brainwashed the left, the cultural Marxist are – they listen to no one and allow no opposition to their wise plans. If one opposes it is all severity pushed on them to either submit or be silenced.


Meanwhile the much of the modern church focuses only attaining blessing by rituals and use of the ways of the world as the means for success and not on what is coming down the pike. So sad.


Jesus said this…  "Be on guard, so that your hearts will not be weighted down with dissipation and drunkenness and the worries of life, and that day will not come on you suddenly like a trap; for it will come upon all those who dwell on the face of all the earth. "But keep on the alert at all times, praying that you may have strength to escape all these things that are about to take place, and to stand before the Son of Man." Luke 21:34-36. NASB 



**Please note that I did not post reference to where one can find the Chaldean number meanings for you, the readers own protection.




(5) Book of 1 Enoch 10:4-8 - tells of the 200 fallen watcher leaders were bound in chains for 70 generations for their crimes and then to be released back on earth for final conflict during the 70th generation.


(6) Book of Jubilees 10:4-9 explains how 10 percent escaped the abyss so that out of 20 top commanders this left Satan plus two top commanders to carry on along with others who took the place of those sent to the abyss for 70 generations.


 (7) The Genesis 6 Conspiracy, Gary Wayne, Trusted Books, 2014, Section I pages 33-65 and Section VI pages 485-547