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Breakthrough: thoughts on the Movie

by Bryan W Melvin on 05/01/19




I would suggest that folks go and watch the new movie “Breakthrough” about a 14-year-old NDE and his recovery. January 2015, John Smith and two of his friends fell through the ice on a Missouri lake. John was unable to get out of the water and for 15 minutes remained submerged when rescue workers retrieved his body.


His brain and body had no sign of life for 45 more minutes. John’s mother, Joyce, was allowed to see her son to say her goodbyes when she prayed that he would be spared. John began to have a heartbeat. In short, due to lack of oxygen, if he recovered at all, he would be in a vegetated state. However, 72 hours later after extensive prayers by his family, church, and others he opened his eyes and two week later walked out of the hospital with no ill effects.


 At the end of the film the leading physician, Dr Garett, concluded that this was a factual miracle and it was. What stuck me about the film was not so much the miracle but how the film in a short time conveyed what it is like for someone who has actually died and was permitted resurrection goes through afterwards.


That stuck a cord in me. In the film, John went back to school and saw stickie notes on his locker. Midst many well wishes the film zoomed in on a few that mentioned, “why did you come back and not my loved one.” In another scene, John was leaving school and was mocked by school mates.


I personally can relate to that. After I began telling folks what happened to me, the same sort of things happened. I struggled with, “why was I allowed to return and others not. I surely did not deserve to return. God should have chosen someone else better suited.”


Then there were the mocking’s I heard like: “You think you’re someone special. You think you are owed promotions in the ministry. You are in it for the money. You are arrogant,” and a host of other comments like it. The last part of the film reminded me of all that.


People can be cruel. Never in my life have I ever thought I was special or that anyone owed me ministry promotion or renown because of what happened to me summer of 1980. Nor have I earned wealth from the experience either. I still struggle financially as does everyone else. Nether am I arrogant or think anybody owes me anything.  


That is what the film, Breakthrough, meant for me. It recalled to my mind, how over the years what people and ministers have said to me. How the ministry rug has been pulled out from under me so many times due to these false beliefs well-meaning people project forth.


Another thing the movie showed me near the end of the film is coming to terms with what happened. This settles things for a person with a resolve to serve God no matter what folks say. You see, far more folks more like you than mock. Nothing goes to your head. You know who you are in Jesus Christ and you simply surrender your will and ego to the Lord, totally.


You also do not see this mortal life the same anymore. You literally feel the tug of the eternal on your heart. The things of this world lose all appeal. You value this time on earth as something special granted by God and know that this life can change in an instant ushering all into eternity at any moment.


You don’t mince words nor try to change the gospel by mixing the appeals of the world into it. You look at people and say, like Jesus did, “Father, forgive them for they do not know what they do.” Luke 23:24 NJKV


The gospel involves waking people up to what they know not what they do and applying the cure, Jesus Christ to it, which sets them free. That my friends, is what speaking the truth in love is all about not by how the world’s standards define it.


The last part of the film Breakthrough brought back many memories for me on a personal level that I just related to you. I suggest seeing the film and letting the Lord speak through it to you, and be blessed in the name of the Lord.



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