After Hours Ministries 
"because true ministry always begins after hours"

  • AHM has launched out to help the Native American peoples living on the Reservations to find Jesus Christ and provide for the many needs there.

  • AHM primary focus is to help provide resources to First Nation peoples that transform lives.

  • AHM Is also a Christian apologetics based ministry whose purpose is to help others become grounded in their faith.

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About my After Death Expedience in great detail  
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 Josh Peck's Underground Church Interview  

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July 17, 2019  New Prayer on  
Healing Self Destruction 

Message Given at Faith Chapel 
Harlowton MT, April 28, 2019 
"Healing the Brokenhearted"

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November 8, 2019  

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November  1st, 2019

June 29, 2019 New Blog Post
Seek first the Kingdom of God
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October 22, 2019  

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October 2, 2019