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          Hell Testimony                           Heaven  Testimony         Please note two videos are experimental and homemade and hope to make more professional ones later as parts do appear choppy 

Video of Testimony 
            Demon Zones: Defeating Them             Why We Go thru Struggles & Sufferings
            Stop the Sabotage                         Prepare ye the Antichrist Arising        .
Days of Noah
Part Five                                                   Part Six

Occult Symbolism 
The Secret Origin of "Hollywood! 
 By R$E...​
My Testimony -After Life Series
The Christian Marauder You Tube  Channel

Occult Symbolism 
Taylor Swift plays Lucifer
 By R$E...​
Part one                                                             Part Two
Part Three                                                             Part Four 

The Old God's are Back
My You Tube Channel
Full show from Daily Renegade