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          Hell Testimony                           Heaven  Testimony         Please note two videos are experimental and homemade and hope to make more professional ones later as parts do appear choppy 

Video of Testimony 
            Demon Zones: Defeating Them             Why We Go thru Struggles & Sufferings
            Stop the Sabotage                         Prepare ye the Antichrist Arising        .
Days of Noah
Josh Peck's Underground Church
Part One                                              Part Two
Part Three                                  Part Four
The Occult Symbolism of the 1927 Movie Metropolis
Warning Contains offensives scenes
Video on how in 1927 one world Government shares the 
same themes mentioned in the Guidestones Messages 

Posted the wrong video and now added the correct link of a remake of the 1927 movie Metropolis. Can you spot the occult symbolism and note the prophetic significance of movie to modern times?