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Interview with Doctor 
Judd Burton
Various Videos  Of interest 
Audio Tribulation Force Radio
​Testimony -starts 1:28 hours into show

Spiders and Owls Of My!
From 2018 Radio show

Special Recommendation: 
Above and Beyond Counseling 
podcast:  Jezebel Spirit 



Remake of "Hell's Bells are Ringing" (2018)
Edited From Radio show

November/Decemebr 2018 - Blood in the Trenches Series 
Doctrines of Demons 
Livestream June 25, 2022 

When Cometh Destruction
Livestream July 9, 2022
Demonic Possession in a
 Cosmic War
Part One 
The Cosmic War - Part Two
The Vacancy 

Study in Biblical Numbers
It's in the Numbers
Part One

First Baptist Atlanta  
Dr Anthony  George
Freedoms light 

More videos from my Channel 

First Baptist Atlanta  
Dr Anthony George
The God We Can Know

Dr Ken Johnson Interview 
June 2019
Mysterious Essenes 

Do Demonic Beings 
Really Exist?
After life Series  

Interview with Derek Gilbert

Interview w/ Gary Wayne
Genesis Six Conspiracy 
Interview w/  Dr. Judd Burton
Johnny Quest World 

Interview with Derek Gilbert
Age Of Saturn  
Please Note Will be adding more Videos to Replace the one's that 
were on other channels that were taken off air due to current 
censorship environment against those channels 
Recommend Video's from other Channels 
H P Blavatsky, Alice Bailey, New World Order, and Pandemic