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Radio Shows 
Part One: Satan's Tools
The Tools of Satan: Watchers, Giants, 
Rephaim and the NWO
Audio Tribulation Force Radio
​Testimony -starts 1:28 hours into show

Part Three - Satan's Tools
Prepare Ye, Antichrist Arising! 

Part 4 - 10/05/2018 is on Sound Cloud - Theyr'e Baack!!! 

Radio version: Satan's Tools​
Spiders, lions, leopards, bulls 
and snakes - Oh My! 

Part five: Satan's Tools 
Kingdoms in Conflict

Series, January 2019 - Beat The System
Special Recommendation: 
Above and Beyond Counseling podcast 
Part two on the Jezebel Spirit 

Part 6 - Satan's Tools
Strong Medicine - Nov 2, 2018



Part 2 - Living on Ol' Mean Street - 
Nov 18, 2018
Part 1 - Blood in the Trenches  
Nov 9, 2018
Satan's Tool's Series, 2018

Part 3 Things that Make You Go Hmmm November 30, 2018
Part 4 - Satan's Tools: Oct 5, 2018
They're Ba-ack!!

Part 4, Radio Version
 Hell's Bells are a Ringing 
Dec 7, 2018

Part 5, Are you Sick and Tired of it? 
Dec 14, 2018

Part 6, Be strong and of Good Courage! 
Dec 18, 2018

Remake of "Hell's Bells are Ringing"
With added pictures in video 

November/Decemebr 2018 - Blood in the Trenches Series 
Part One: Slender Man, Shadow 
People: Darkness stalks the Land
 Part Two: The Goat-Fish Chimera and its system exposed
Special Recommendation 
RISE Interview - Testimony
Atheist Dies & Goes to Hell 

Part Three: Terrifying the Devil
Illustrated Remake of
Spiders, Owls, Leopards, Bulls 
Oh My! ​

Part one Feb 22, 2019
 Witchcraft of the New World Order

Part Two  March 1, 2019
Aren't you Glad God is a God of Miracles 

Current Series 
Part 3 - Cracking Satan's Code: The Georgia Guidestones
Part 4
The Georgia Guidestones
Unleashed  ​

              Part 5 - 
   Defeating the Stones

Part 6 - Hell Unleashed: Shatter this Darkness (March 22, 2019)

Devil's Sends Junk Mail
Omega Man Radio
April 5, 02019

Hell's Muzzles Unleashed
Please scroll to 12:38 time to hear Message 
from Omega Radio Show
May 10, 2019

Feb/March 2019 - Guidestones Series
Owls of Death Unleashed 
Omega Man Radio
April 19, 02019

Portals of Hell
Omega Man Radio
May 17, 02019

 Saturn's' Hour 
Omega Man Radio
June 7, 2019  

Serpents Unleashed  
Omega Man Radio
June 14, 2019

Critters in the Closet   
Omega Man Radio
June 28, 2019

Devil Doesn't Want You t Know   
Omega Man Radio
July 26, 2019

The Devil Loves to Tell You 
Omega Man Radio
August 8, 2019  

The Devils Minions Unleashed 
Omega Man Radio 

When Evil Comes 
Omega Man Radio 

The Last Days, Are We There?
Omega Man Radio 

Satan's Game
Omega Man Radio
October 22, 2019 

Have you Lost Heart?
Omega Man Radio
October 2, 2019