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Sources For true biblical number meanings

Question arises, how did I come to learn what biblical numbers from all the weird stuff on the internet -what make me an expert?

Simple answer: Years of study and research in the Hebrew Letters (Otiot), their pictograph meanings, and the Letter numbers. I found common theme verified by more than one person on the 22 letters, numbers, meanings in the Hebrew alphabet. 

From this I began to compile a list and from that learned how to avoid the dangers of Chaldean and Kabbalah numerology plus their use gematria, which is occultic.  

Searching hundreds of websites on numbers, I found only a few who admit that their definitions for numbers are not complete, because as with any words, there are multiple meanings for one single word which expresses a certain word several ways. 

There is no one website with a complete accurate list of meanings however, from these you can see what they share in common. 

The 22 letters of the ancient Hebrew alphabet were first written in pictograph form and each letter assigned a number. Combine these two together forms a basic meaning of numbers and from this other related definitions appear with shades of meaning just like any language defines their words.  These 22 letter/number meanings are pretty well established and from this, for other numbers follow certain themes in the bible. These themes go with number found in the bible. Bible itself interprets the numbers. Below are some of online sources for you:  

Website with Bible number meanings – but note not definitive

Basic Meanings PDF

On of the better sites is this one but use caution, even the author mentions his definitions are sparse.

His definitions of 1-10 are too sparse and does not contain the richness of meaning as he left out the letter meanings. Please compare his  first 10 with mine listed below which are based on all the data I collected over the years. 

0. Plans, deep thought not expressed yet, beginning, forming, emptiness, or eternal, from Genesis 1:2 Spirit of the Lord hovering over – express deep unseen planning 

1. Strong leader, God, or yoked/united to God or a strong leader, also denotes power/authority of any leader human, angelic, or God – Lord of Life  

2. Letter Bet – of a house. Means division to see whose household one belongs too. Also The Witness of truth verifying Union or Division that places one either in the fellowship of the House or excludes one being part of the house  

3. Letter Gimmel of a leg – thus Moving, walking, traveling on towards unity with divine perfection-as in sanctification. Also express the binding Unity of the Godhead Trinity’s authority. Negative meaning: Lifted up strong willed Hubris (that leads/moves to unite/bind to rebellion) Basic meaning express unity-bound to unity, united. 

4.  Letter doorway. Entry way/Door/Path of life. Also denotes the Creative works of God or Man, or works of devil. Otiot/letter means Entry or pathway, door – eyes, ear, ears mouth are entry ways (goes in and comes out) that guide us in life – Also expresses opening and closing of doors.

5. Means Behold - a revelation either about Grace or judgment ahead! The Otiot/letter:  means behold a revelation of judgment or grace. 2 Behold - Follow God’s Word that tutors like one would a weak child about God’s grace/judgments to produce maturity.  

6. Man, Wickedness in man, Manifestations of sin, evils of Satan attached / Otiot means what one attaches, secures, hooks self too… the idea from 6 is who and what one attaches self too – man/sin/devil/idols/ or God. 

7.  Letter plough. God the Father’s Perfection, Resting in God’s spiritual perfection which means simply wholeness, soundness, process of being resurrected into new life, Otiot/letter is of a plough which can be made into a weapon/sword or used to plough onwards to wholeness/soundness of character and heart. Plough brings forth food for nourishment the produces soundness-perfection. Like God ploughing to perfection a believer or in negative sense the enemy getting you in his perfection of hate, malice, every evil work. Also of a weapon - sword used for same reasons above. 

8.  New Birth or Beginnings, Entry to New Life viva Circumcision (of the heart), Otiot/letter means Separation, fence, brought into a new place, the walls of the heart 

9. Letter is of a gift basket divided into four sections: Fruit of the Holy Spirit and His 9 gifts, Divine Completeness by the power gifts that make one whole- to produce justice; Also Testing/Judging what is in the heart that is needed to bring about completeness, wholeness, and empowered life to produce gifts or justice/judgment. Otiot/letter – of a gift Basket - from God, or man, or snake, or the world that surrounds one, or gift from world/snake causes one to be stuck in mud’s mire or from God justice of becoming unstuck from life's muddy mire – The idea of the basket is to produce justice/judgement from whomever gives the gift to give to others. God’s gifts of the Spirit are to produce his justice/judgments – not playthings or toys. The devils gifts produce his judgment/justice-slavery/savagery/sin, etc... 

10. Testimony of the Law/Responsibility, Order, Completeness of order/authority, adhering to God’s authority, divine order, responsibility – Otiot/Letter Yod - denotes works of arm and hands of responsibility to whom one believes is loyal too, Idea is obey responsibly who you are loyal too. The 10 Commandments were actually 10 responsibilities on how to live responsible towards God and each other in the protective boundaries of God’s love etc 

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