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by Bryan W Melvin on 05/24/19

Q & A about Eternity


From time to time questions concerning eternity come up. Such as: How is it possible to be perfectly happy when there are some dear friends and loved ones who are in hell and how can the people in heaven deal with it?


My Response:


After ones the things of earth fade. You have no concerns like these. Seeing Jesus, smelling heaven, the glory of the presence of God does something amazing.


One comes into a full and complete understanding of all things. All things are made clear so much so that one will not be concerned about such matter the question poses.


I understand that now, that this is a difficult to grasp. There is no way I can, or anyone can adequately explain this due to human bias that somehow God is wrong in such matters and that none in heaven could ever be happy knowing loved ones miss it.


Consider what the import of this sort of reasoning suggest. We do not know each other; nor do we even know a loved one’s true heart or condition. Nor do we know the depths of human sin nature that commands God accept us at all cost or else we do want God so God must do it our way or it is the highway.


What you see and understand is all revealed when God shows you in an instant all the times, He reached for them and they refused, absolutely. With that deep sort understanding there will be no sorrow nor unhappiness. I know this is hard to fathom.


The eternal perspective for mortal beings who have not encountered it is almost impossible to convey.  We think such concern exists when it does not. The moment one passes, such thoughts have no concern because all is revealed. There is no sorrow or sadness in the current heaven in the ne new which is to come.


Seeing, smelling, tasting the peaceful presence of God’s Glory in heaven, with full understanding one receives by being Born Again by the Blood of the Cross of Jesus, leaving the body, traversing into Heaven – one has no alarm nor any sorrow about anyone left behind. You are headed home.  


Even these words are inadequate because or mortal reasoning at this time cannot see, nor know what all God knows. However, rest assured – those in heaven have no concern or grief or sadness over such matters. They have entered a state of full understanding in a degree that way outshines anything we can think of now.



Next Question that bothers people goes like this: how can God stand knowing all the details of all the millions / billions who have rejected Him and are going to be there forever?


My Response: Only God knows this. He grieved and sent Jesus to us to wake us up. He paid our sin debt in full. One can return to God’s love proven or freely reject it. People can become foolish measuring God’s love by our human standards and definition.


The Lord makes the rain fall on the just and unjust and always reaches out for people. God’s love reaches and does not force, and it woos but does not seduce.  His love does not rejoice with iniquity and for those who do not want who he his or accept his gift - He will not allow into heaven because they proved in this life their faithlessness to his great love.  


Faith contains in its definition when meaning of commitment, fidelity, loyalty because one has been won over. God’s love gives and makes the rain fall on just and unjust. He freely gives to all, life. He proved his love by sending Jesus Christ to us to redeem us and free us of sin and deaths control but not all will love him in return nor want to be faithful.


Faith works by love. Love for God shows to God one will be faithful to him who is faithful. Whom you love, you have faith in them and ‘they’ towards you.  


To have true agape love one has faith-loyalty – commitment toward the one loved but when the one loved has no faith -loyalty – commitment towards the one who loves – such love is hollow and manipulative. Therefore, how could that love really ‘be’ trustworthy forever?  


Only option open is to give them what they want – a place without God.  I know that this will not make much sense to folks but think on it. Ask the Lord to reveal how he sees this matter. God’s ways are way beyond what our minds can conceive. This world is a test of love – who owns your heart – has your faith (fidelity, commitment, loyalty)?


Why would God want to live with those who proven they do not want him? Allowing them entrance into heaven would be unjust to those like that. If allowed heaven would no longer be heaven.


God wins our heart in this mortal life not by coercion but engaging free moral will he gave us – which proves he is just to all. Human beings love to find fault with God but in reality, no one can find fault, especially after they enter eternity with full understanding.


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