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Part One: Queen of Serpents the Day Demoness

by Bryan W Melvin on 01/09/19

Part One: Queen of Serpents the Day Demoness

By B W Melvin

Electronic Copyright 2019


Do you find yourself being blocked, obstructed, in life? Are freak accidents becoming commonplace in your life or in your family? Have strange and prolonged illnesses keep after you no matter how you pray or do? Are you becoming fearful, losing confidence, or feel like giving up, like what’s the use?

Are you isolating yourself more and more? experiencing unnatural exhaustion? Do your thoughts or dreams seem to ruminate on defeat, torture, sexual nature, or just ramble on and on?

If so, you are under attack by one of the most - nasty demonic spirits out there…

Let me tell you, you may not be dealing with some lower order demonic host but rather a head ruling principality who is over their own military hierarchy that it sends out to do its bidding 


The Apostle Paul describes such military hierarchy in Ephesians 6:12

“For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.” NKJV

This Military Hierarchy consist of... 

1-principalities, (despotisms, evil despotic rulers over large areas)

2-powers, (authorities of the unseen realm)

3-rulers of the darkness of this age, (Mighty powers - Mater Spirits of darkness)

4-Spiritual hosts (evil spirit) forces of wickedness in the heavenly places (spiritual realm).

1-Principalities, (despotisms, evil rulers) are the head leaders – the Five Star generals (over an entire theater of operations in charge of all armies controlling armies from other nations) Bent on universal control of heaven by battling on earth. (I use the terms General for the readers understanding)

Under them are

2-Powers, authorities of the unseen realm liken to Four Star Generals and three Star Generals plus their staff. Four Star Generals command an entire army in a single geographic area divided into Corps. Three Star generals command Corps. A Corps is made up of several divisions (or legions). Carries out orders for world control, domination in order to overthrow God in heaven.

Under them are

3-Rulers of the darkness of this age, Mighty powers - Master Spirits of darkness (Two and One Star Generals and their staffs. Two Star Generals are divisions commanders. Under them are One Star Generals are brigade commanders that make up a division. Bent on carrying out fighting orders for world and universal control/domination.

 Under them are

4-Spiritual hosts (evil spirit) forces of wickedness in the heavenly places (spiritual realm or the spirits behind the stars, constellations, and planets – Utely’s Commentary). Are the all Colonels, Majors, Captains, Lieutenants, Sergeants, Corporals, and all lower ranks. To the troops used take over, enforce control and dominate an area – subdue it – pacify it into submission.


Do you realize that the ancient pagan deities of Canaan and Mesopotamia help identify this Ephesians 6:12 crowd who is out for blood – yours and mine! They are relentless foes and Paul warns us that there is a spiritual war going on and ignoring it will not make it go away.


Well, we are in a wrestling match - assailed by one very nasty spirit in control of a system.

Who is it?      Answer -      Ashtoreth –       Queen of serpents, the day demoness

Here are a few facts about the Queen of serpents, the day demoness


Ashtoreth is leading commanding strongman over other commanders in the devil’s army, one of the leading 7 fallen ones (gods) Who Decree in the ancient Mesopotamian pantheon. These seven are the inner circle of the devil. Top commanders over the dark armies. The 5 stars… Principalities

Ashtoreth goes by other names as well: to the Canaanites as ASTARTE, to the Sumerians, INANNA, to the Babylonians, ISHTAR to the Assyrians and the Akkadians, ASHTART, ASHTORETH, ASHERAH, and ASTORETH, to the Egyptians, ISIS, ASHET AND ASET, to the Phoenicians, TANIT-ASHTART and ASHTAROTH. The Ugaritic name was ANAT. Aphrodite (Greek Love Goddess) Cybele (Roman Mother Earth Goddess) Venus (Roman Love Goddess) In Other pagan religions known also as Yin, Oshun, Pomba, Gira, Yemaya, and Cletic as Cerridwen (1) (7)

Ashtoreth is Part of the Moon god triad: Nanna-Moon, Ishtar-Venus, and Utu/Nergal/Apollo (Greek) – Sun.  Military symbol for this group is associated with Horns and crescent moon shape, and serpents.

Identified as the goddess of love/sex, beauty, war, fertility – dispenser of secret knowledge – holds the tablets of destines to control destines of men/women – by the caldron of knowledge in Celtic lore. (1) (7)

 Responsible for war, death, seduction, beauty, self-glorification and adornment, giver of wisdom and secret knowledge from the gods, secret writings, revelations, and instruction into occult secrets and the handling and conjuring of serpents/snakes (1)

Ashtoreth was known as the queen of heaven, whore of Babylon. Josephus in Apion 1, 18, Antiquities viii. 3, 1 state that Ashtoreth was ‘always virgin’ betrothed to Baal. An aside note here - the meaning of the name Jezebel refers to chaste bride of Baal.

 Ashtoreth is also known as the huntress, the young warrior maiden of triple goddess worship.

More Facts about Ashtoreth/Aphrodite/Ishtar: The Book of Ceremonial Magic by Arthur Edward states it is not a female but first appears as male then appears as female. Enforces all forms of sexual deviance and transgenderism. It seeks to dominate and control and make all submit to the chief adversary and it self. By using sex appeal, inspiration, sorcery, astrology, herbs, science, poetry, spells, knowledge, wisdom, past lives, regeneration, and divination such as - visions and Prophecy designed to seduce in order to kill, rob, and destroy. (1)


Rank according to occultist as the Grand Duke of the Western Regions of Hell… the Western regions refers to waters of the abyss or abuz in occult circles. (1)

Titled - the Crown Princess Astaroth who is a Guidance Counselor for both Demons and humans. Deals in mostly human affairs. Speaks seductively to lure away by preying on meeting and actualizing human desires. The hallmark of this spirit - puffs up mind, glorifies body, and justifies seeking glory in attaining power to maintain some form of control. (1)

The Occult teaches that Astaroth/Ashtoreth is Known as the Day demoness (giver of secret of light) and commands 40 demonic legions…it is interesting to note about a legion. (1)

A Roman legion at its peak had approx. 6000 men in it. Four Legions made up one army. Assigned to each army of 4 legions were added 2 auxiliary legions of Non-Roman Citizens foreigners allied with Rome which could be passed around between armies per military need. So, each Army had a total of 6 legions (36,000 troops in each army).


Astaroth commands 40 legions. So, his command consists of 10 armies of around 240,000 to 360,000 total demonic minions - Jezebel like spirits - that reflect his/her character traits, to take out men and women of God by all means possible. It can call on more Auxiliaries as needed as well. These forces are both fallen angels and demons along with human host to operate out of. (1)

Human agents under its influence are marked by an over inflated ego of self-importance and self-aggrandizement. They have a marked love of self, a hubristic narcissism that makes them cynical know it alls. They dazzle - seduce by their revelations in order to collect souls for Ishtar/Ashtoreth.


Ashtoreth/Astaroth is known to occultist as The Treasurer of Hell – the collector of treasures/booty for hell. Known as a collection agent of souls.  (4)

Planet identifier is Venus. Animal Icon is the Cobra or Viper: Metal is Copper. Element identifier is earth - to guide planet Earth to submit to a king/idea/ be under control dominated (2) 

The Zodiac Position is: 25-29 degrees of Taurus and 10 - 20 degrees of Capricorn (2) - The constellation Capricorn in ancient Sumerian was associated with the planet Saturn (Enlil), and also related to the Mesopotamian god Enki = called the goatfish... ie Pan – known as the Keeper of the Gates (of hell). Pan’s Grotto at base of Mt Hermon is where Jesus told Peter the gates of hell will not prevail…. Too bad church does not teach this stuff - see notes in part three of this article to find out how the Chaldean Numbers 10 and 20 relate to the bringing forth the antichrist...

Traditional Colors for Big Jezebel/Ashtoreth: According to “The Wiccan Hand Book, by Ellen Holland page 238,” Pink is an angelic color. It is scared to Aphrodite/ Venus (who is the same as Ashtoreth). It is used for spells and angel magic, and to attract loyalty, service, friendship, by stirring up all emotional need mechanisms to be controlled.

Other colors are mint green, red, silver, white, and copper, and various calming blues. Candle colors known to occultist for Ashtoreth/Ishtar are: pink, green, red, and silver (white).


Priestess of Astarte/Ishtar/Ashtoreth – Are often told to dye their hair in pink by an entity, or use any of these other colors, to mark them as special messengers on earth to humanity – to bring forth new light, revelation, and secret info from the gods for humanities good related to the color meaning worn to lure people into its seductive web.

Pink is associated with softness to let one’s guard down, and is used to hide its warrior nature from its victims. By seducing to control them by manipulation, words, decreeing judgments, threats, war, intimidation.

Pink, a diluted form of red worn by such hide its red side which is out for war, blood.  Cross it and the war comes out in threats of ‘do no touch the lords anointed – don’t question it – or else!’  It seeks to silence God’s people that oppose or expose it.

Also, the spokespersons for Ashtoreth use multiple peacock feathers with their eye’s. These multiple feathers represent the all-seeing eye of Hera – mother of the gods known in triple goddess lore. The multiple Peacock feather eyes represent wisdom, secret knowledge, seduction, power.

Ashtoreth’s spokespersons also use very soft sensual seductive blue colors, that mimics God’s heavenly blue color often surrounded by a vibrant white-gold - like the – morning and evening star Venus shines at crack of dawn and evening. They wear these colors and use symbols associated with the Moon god’s triad – solar disk – Gold circle – 6 or 7 pointed crowns, that often represent Saturn’s eye or the black sun symbol. In other words, Ashtoreth and Saturn (aka Enlil) work together.

Ashtoreth uses multiple peacock feather eyes, while Saturn/ Moloch/ Chronos uses one feather eye to represent Saturn’s’ eye symbol/black sun symbol of the occult world indicating one follows Saturn.

Ashtoreth/Aphrodite/Ishtar is also related to the waters from the abuz/abyss – likewise – associated with water in nature itself such as beaches, or near clean, natural pools of water and waterfalls. Also, areas such as bathrooms, saunas and pools used for the beautification and honor the extreme glorification of the body. (3) (4)

This spirit is a fallen angel, a watcher, and controls a system

Revelation 17:5 this spirit is identified as the whore of Babylon riding on the beast and as a warrior against God’s people. Rev 18:3 reveal the system of the world she controls of merchandising people, feeds of greed, fear of not being beautiful, feeds of revenge and of controlling others by all manner of warfare, character assassination, political means, etc.  

This spirit has taken over the tasks of Azazel, who is mentioned in the book of Enoch and also mentioned in the bible in Lev 16:8-26 due to its banishment in the hell. Thus, it is also a seducer to religious ideas and seeks to blend occult practices into the church and exalt one world religion.

Next to the devil himself, this spirit, is in charge of the other 5 head principalities and they all work together in the affairs of humanity to bring forth chaos, so their golden age order can arise again thru their messiah, the anti-Christ, on earth in one last attempt to overthrow God’s throne. (1)

Revelation 2:20 mentions that it is a prophesying spirit for the dispensing of secret knowledge (3)


Prophecies and visions from this being often include an extreme overkill use of waterfalls – rushing waters, pools, seas imagery in their prophesy’s way beyond any scope of reality. This is a dead giveaway that someone is under its influence. To occultist, these water features are used in its visions that reveal secret knowledge from the sweet water of the abuz (hell) to addict people to its control.

This new revelation and secret knowledge (light) lures and seduces one slowly away from the Lord God Almighty by, often, appearing to be from and loyal to God, so a Christian slowly relies more and more on the spokesperson than on the indwelling Holy Spirit as Jesus taught (Acts 16:18 tells a story of this luring until Paul cast it out of the person). (3)

The spokespersons of Ashtoreth lay claim that they are God’s favored ones sent on a mission to reveal secrets from God’s throne or heaven to the masses. Anyone who dares question them is touching God’s anointed – them and thus incur God’s wrath despite the bible phrase – touch not the Lord’s anointed – refers to King David’s persecutor, King Saul, not David himself. (3)

They dispense the waters of the abyss in secret new revelations, in fact, the same that caused Azazel to be banished to hell for as disclosed in 1 Enoch 9:5, “Thou hast seen what Azazel has done, how he has taught every species of iniquity upon the earth and has disclosed to the world all the secret things which are done in the heavens.”

Ashtoreth has taken over Azazel’s task while he is bound in the abyss and thus shares the same trait through its spokes persons in revealing the mysteries of heaven or God, which are perversions to cause human beings to transgress against God without realizing it and get them into an elitist form of pride. (1) (3) (4)

Folks, these sorts of spokes people will manifest more and more in the last days! But be of good cheer, in Isaiah 44:27, God promises to dry up these waters…so folks stop drinking daily to rely on the polluted waters of the abyss. Last days call will go forth for a reason:

Rev 18:4, And I heard another voice from heaven saying, "Come out of her, my people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues.”

We have God’s word on this. Activate it! Pray Isaiah 44:27 over yourself and those around you!



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(2) Warning -Occult website - Enter with caution -

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Continued below…

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