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Breakthrough: thoughts on the Movie

by Bryan W Melvin on 05/01/19




I would suggest that folks go and watch the new movie “Breakthrough” about a 14-year-old NDE and his recovery. January 2015, John Smith and two of his friends fell through the ice on a Missouri lake. John was unable to get out of the water and for 15 minutes remained submerged when rescue workers retrieved his body.


His brain and body had no sign of life for 45 more minutes. John’s mother, Joyce, was allowed to see her son to say her goodbyes when she prayed that he would be spared. John began to have a heartbeat. In short, due to lack of oxygen, if he recovered at all, he would be in a vegetated state. However, 72 hours later after extensive prayers by his family, church, and others he opened his eyes and two week later walked out of the hospital with no ill effects.


 At the end of the film the leading physician, Dr Garett, concluded that this was a factual miracle and it was. What stuck me about the film was not so much the miracle but how the film in a short time conveyed what it is like for someone who has actually died and was permitted resurrection goes through afterwards.


That stuck a cord in me. In the film, John went back to school and saw stickie notes on his locker. Midst many well wishes the film zoomed in on a few that mentioned, “why did you come back and not my loved one.” In another scene, John was leaving school and was mocked by school mates.


I personally can relate to that. After I began telling folks what happened to me, the same sort of things happened. I struggled with, “why was I allowed to return and others not. I surely did not deserve to return. God should have chosen someone else better suited.”


Then there were the mocking’s I heard like: “You think you’re someone special. You think you are owed promotions in the ministry. You are in it for the money. You are arrogant,” and a host of other comments like it. The last part of the film reminded me of all that.


People can be cruel. Never in my life have I ever thought I was special or that anyone owed me ministry promotion or renown because of what happened to me summer of 1980. Nor have I earned wealth from the experience either. I still struggle financially as does everyone else. Nether am I arrogant or think anybody owes me anything.  


That is what the film, Breakthrough, meant for me. It recalled to my mind, how over the years what people and ministers have said to me. How the ministry rug has been pulled out from under me so many times due to these false beliefs well-meaning people project forth.


Another thing the movie showed me near the end of the film is coming to terms with what happened. This settles things for a person with a resolve to serve God no matter what folks say. You see, far more folks more like you than mock. Nothing goes to your head. You know who you are in Jesus Christ and you simply surrender your will and ego to the Lord, totally.


You also do not see this mortal life the same anymore. You literally feel the tug of the eternal on your heart. The things of this world lose all appeal. You value this time on earth as something special granted by God and know that this life can change in an instant ushering all into eternity at any moment.


You don’t mince words nor try to change the gospel by mixing the appeals of the world into it. You look at people and say, like Jesus did, “Father, forgive them for they do not know what they do.” Luke 23:24 NJKV


The gospel involves waking people up to what they know not what they do and applying the cure, Jesus Christ to it, which sets them free. That my friends, is what speaking the truth in love is all about not by how the world’s standards define it.


The last part of the film Breakthrough brought back many memories for me on a personal level that I just related to you. I suggest seeing the film and letting the Lord speak through it to you, and be blessed in the name of the Lord.



Devil Sends Junk Mail

by Bryan W Melvin on 04/12/19

Part One: Devil sends Junk Mail

By B W Melvin

From edited Transcript of April 5, 2019

Omega man radio show


Junk mail. Ever noticed that you receive more junk mail than reminders of what you owe in bills? Same with email, spam, along with unwanted pop up, all junk mail. Now even in the church, more junk mail!


Maybe you received some like this:


Have you heard anything like this:  Prophet & seer I M Mazing has the Pro 8:21 anointing! What’s that? the Pro 8:21 blessing – at 8:21 tonight send $8.21, get a 10-fold return – give a $821.00. Get a 100-fold return – $8,210 – 1000-fold - watch the presence of God fill your bank account!”


Or ever received one like this: “Come hear Mr. So-ses-me – who has a prophetic mandate from the throne room to help you receive your impartation so you can find your destiny, reach greater levels, and grow deeper into the things of God. He has an amazing anointing - and can tell you - the last 4 digits of your phone number - and from these numbers - prophesize just what you want to hear!”


Sound familiar?


People always chasing after and sign here, a wonder over there, a new impartation up the street, or go down the way to hear the latest thespian blast broadcasting the newest honest minister in town like this:


Brother Hickster has NOW word for you – Brother Hickster received his fivefold anointing when he was called up into heaven where he nightly plays checkers with Jesus in the throne room of God. Here Jesus gives him new revelations on how to have dominion over the weather! Brother, Hickster, has been mandated by God to impart into you his storm buster anointing to rebuke Hurricanes, typhons, tornados, severe thunderstorms –and heal global warming too! Come, Join the team! Learn how You can bust storms by twisting 5 easy bible verses…in his new 1-week course!”


Maybe you fell victim to these sorts of things. Or watched loved ones run the same race and you feel helpless? Now you are hurt, wounded by such experiences… where’s God is the cry of your heart!


Maybe you were a Pastor's Kid and saw thru the lies and hucksters and it caused you to fall away?


Maybe some of you watched loved one’s craziness in religion and it left a bad taste in your mouth. Or some reading this were taught that God is inept and incapable of doing anything. Were you a victim of fear based or hyper legalism Christianity where misery is the only accepted virtue, or you may have been deceived by some crazy serpent flicking tongued minsters quackery?


Folks, I am sorry that you been through this. That is not biblical Christianity at all. It is no wonder young and old are leaving the church in droves -- But Folks God is real, alive, and active today…


Jesus in Matt 24:10-14 said this about the last days,(A time when) many will be offended, will betray one another, and will hate one another.” NKJV


How many in the world are receiving this type of junk mail spam today? Not just, in the world, or at home, or in politics but in church as well too?


You saw jealousy, envy and ministry sabotaging as well as witnessed how Christians tear each apart over the stupidest things; while the bible tells us to love/respect each other – we tear each other apart -- maybe that is what you’ve seen and hurt by it?


Yep, as long as the Devil keeps sending Junk mail, people will keep reading it!


Folks, I am sorry you been through all this. This is not biblical Christianity at all. It is no wonder young and old are leaving the church in droves. People need healed of the hurt from this sort of stuff, you think?


Folks God is real, alive, and active today. The Gifts of the Holy Spirit have not vanished. God still sovereignly heals. Answers Prayers


There are real heaven encounters and God still does things supernaturally. Our authority in Christ is real. Holy Spirit dreams and vision still happen today as they did in the book of Acts. Storms have been rebuked and stopped. Yes – there are true principles of giving and sowing into the Kingdom of God. Devils are still cast out - God is still real and in power today. Miracles still do happen.


But why don’t we see many miracles in the modern westernized church these days? How can God do anything when people restrict God act with 50 pages guidelines on who how to pray for people and midst the formulas and the latest churchanity fads?


Folks did you realize – the Devil sends Junk mail to give the excellent things of God a bad rap in order to have God’s own people keep hindering any true move of God on earth today?


The devil sends his own ministers to deceive leaders in the church: after all Jesus warned in Matt 24:24 that, “…false prophets false messiah figures will rise in the last days showing great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect.” NKJV


From these folks well intentioned Christians end up delivering the devils junk mail bearing great scripture quotes and quips in the sales pitch.


In 2015 Bill Johnson rebuked of Jason Westerfield Why – he actually admitted on record that he was never a Christian and that. his intent was to bring the New Age into the church. However, before 2015 rebuke he was extolled as greatest thing to happen in the church. Well intentioned Christian leaders were taken in. Do you think there is a dearth of the gift of the discerning of spirits in the church?


Bible says in Jude 1:4, “…certain men have crept in unnoticed…ungodly men, who turn the grace of our God into lewdness and deny the only Lord God and our Lord Jesus Christ.” NKJV


People like Westerfield have and still do creep in unnoticed and the Question needs asked – Why do Christian leaders and laity keep delivering his kind of New Age Junk Mail into the Church?


Why hasn’t such new age occultism never been rebuked, exposed, or renounced?


Why is it still being practiced today in many churches from benign sounding church marques touting Christian yoga classes to heavenly and earthly astral projection?


We even have Christian witches’ conferences now gone mainstream!


So, the question remains--How do we know the true from the false? Heresy from gospel truth?


Answer is to look at who’s delivering the mail - Jesus said in Mat 12:33, “A tree is known by its fruit.”


So, how can we tell the real from the fake - answer- We need to look at the messenger – their fruit and

their Message - sometimes this is easy 

– other times not so easy!


Let me go over seven quick points on how to identify those who deliver the devils junk mail


Point One -. Did you realize that New Agers like Jesus as do those who practice white magic witchcraft?  They preach another Jesus and they can even preach holiness in a new age ascetism and purity kind of way that is. 

We Christians interpret it one way, but they mean it in another way. To them, having a pure mind is used to draw magical power to fight against enemies, us, even by use of trickery to deceive to get people off track and on their junk mail list.


# Two - They can even lead people to Jesus – what is a little collateral damage to the devil if five people are saved while one thousand are deceived and end up in hell?


Look- Balaam (Rev 2:14) blessed the children of Israel and prophesized the words of God (Num 22:12 and Num 23:1-30). Yet, he taught king Balak how to get God to destroy his own people by mixing the worship of Astarte and the Baal’s into the household of God on earth to lead them astray.


Yep, this means, they might even be able to prophesize correctly at times, in order to have you sign on to their devil’s junk mail list to slowly lead you astray latter on. This is why the context of bible verses are so important, to keeps you on the straight and narrow, and increase the gift of discernment that lacks in so many places.  


# Three - They have one after another heaven or some sort of spiritual encounters. Because of this, they always allude to themselves as God’s favored ones sent with a mission - mandate to give new revelations to help people go higher, receive greater prosperity, attain your destiny or whatever in such way that you are slowly drawn away to rely more on them & less & less on the Holy Spirit.


You may hear things similar like this: Brother Reedsrong has an amazing anointing for street witnessing – he can read a person’s crow’s feet around their eyes and from these prophesies radical positive change into a person by this new outpouring of the spirit!


Brother Reedsrong says, “...for far too long people have been told to die to self, live that old religion of death, but now, God is doing a new thing because dying to self and carrying your cross  was okay for way back then but this is a new day – Jesus is doing a new things as Isaiah 42:9, says…


“Behold, the former things have come to pass, and new things I declare; Before they spring forth, I tell you of them." NKJV


“Dying to self, carrying the cross, has turned mean spirited so now the new way is all about love – hugs and no condemnation and imparting radical positive change into people lives by reading the crow’s feet lines around their eyes!


“Brother Reedsrong has been chosen by God to stand in the heavenly courtroom where he met Brother Hickster playing checkers with Jesus and received this throne room anointing.


“Come! Learn how to impart radical positive change by reading peoples crow’s feet around their eyes by attending a seven-course training secession for only $79.99 and for $150.00 stay longer and receive your storm busting anointing form Brother Hickster too. Amen and Halleluiah!!! Thank you very much!!”         


With all kidding aside - These folks paint themselves up as someone great. They run with a group of like minds. Where the doctrine of Nicolaitans is present -- what’s that…well they are the ones who have an inside track with God, that you lack, and thus you need to receive from them their new revelations. They become the new lords of Christendom whom you must rely on to survive, to go higher!


Folks Bible says, God is not a respecter of persons. If you want to be great in God’s Kingdom – you must be a servant – not a Nicolaitan lord and master. These people set themselves up as special ones – favored – to give new revelations because God is doing a new thing –


They use the bible verses such as Isa 43:19, in their junk mailing list:


“Behold, I will do a new thing, now it shall spring forth; Shall you not know it?” NKJV


They say things like, “…God is now doing a new thing! The message of the cross was fine in the day and we still believe that, but it degenerated into brow beating, control, legalism, poverty mindset so Now God is doing a new thing, shall we not know it?”


“How do we know – God told me while playing checkers with Jesus in throne room of God!” Thank you very much - Amen and Halleluiah!!!”          


In fact, Isa 43:21 defines what the new is: “This people I have formed for Myself; They shall declare My praise.” NKJV


In fact, 1 Pe 2:9 tells us this new thing has already happened by work of Jesus: “you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, His own special people, that you may proclaim the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light?” NKJV


This connects in direct context with Isa 43:19 and Jer 31:31 concerning the New Covenant. The new thing happened in in Acts chapter two - the empowering of the Holy Spirit as mentioned in Joel 2:28-32.


Yet today Isaiah 43:19 is inserted into junk mail to hook people – taking them down crazy town road where one is led to worship a junk mail hipster in crowd carrier who can’t be questioned.


Fourth way to recognize those delivering the devil’s junk mail:


They, in many overt, and subtle ways, allude to their personal legitimacy and that any criticism against them is touching the Lord’s anointed…don’t touch!


King David coined that phrase against his persecutor, King Saul, in hopes that God would restore sanity back into Saul. King David did not say that about himself at all but about his persecutor. However, these folks flip the meaning of the phrase as – “don’t anyone dare questions them…or their revelations…or else God has a lightning bolt of wrath against you! How dare you question the work of God!”


The Bereans in Acts 17:10-17 were positively commended for searching the Scriptures daily to find out whether the things spoken by Paul and Silas were true. They were not told in any way: How dare you question us – don’t touch the Lord’s anointed or God will zap you if you do… We play Checkers in the throne room – you don’t!


True men and women of God who move in the true callings and gifts of the Holy Spirit will lead people to Jesus Christ instruct total reliance upon the word of God and Holy Spirit – not themselves. They take criticism in stride and curse not those that curse them (as the bible teaches) but instead let’s God deal with them in prayers and in hope God restores them.


They know they are servants, who can be wrong and check themselves and repent. They are not about making a big name for themselves or running with the hipster in crowd of big wig preachers selling things - as seen on TV.


The false do not do that – they want control, power, and exalt themselves at the expense of bible truth, and lead people to follow those in the club, in league with the slogans they conjure up.


Yep they create slogan Christianity:


Impartations, mandates, anointings, ascend to a new Level and go higher! (I didn’t know Christianity was like a video game, did you?)


Do you think video game Christianity, or some new sales slogan is really going to put a dent in the high suicide rate? Stop crime? Have the abuser stop abusing – people find freedom from darkness? 


A New Age has been unleashed in the church for sure! Maybe you been hurt by this and left the church because of all this and fed up and left – looking for a new place or just shrug the shoulders and move on.


That is not church folks – Jesus loves you – he is reaching for you to come back and heal the hurt the wounds, so you become stronger and wiser – to make a stand against this stuff….


If my people who are called by my name humble, seek, and turn away from their wickedness…”  2 Chronicles 7:14. What is this verse really implying by turning away from wickedness?


Fifth point - continued below:


Continued - Part Two: Part One: Devil sends Junk Mail

By B W Melvin

Part two - Devil Sends Junk Mail

by Bryan W Melvin on 04/12/19

Continued - Part Two: Part One: Devil sends Junk Mail

By B W Melvin

Fifth Point on identifying these folks:

They bring in the Occult into the church advertised with great sounding junk mail with bible verses attached - To lead you away from what the bible actually says like:


2 Co 6:14-16, “For what fellowship has righteousness with lawlessness? And what communion has light with darkness? 15 And what accord has Christ with Belial? 16 What agreement has the temple of God with idols?” NKJV




They instead ignore these verses and use really convincing sales lingo like – the new age - the occult stole from God certain laws and corrupted them, and we are mandated to take them back! So, they pass on into your junk file - phenomenon passed off as of being God approved but are in reality New Age/Hindu Kundalini practices…


Really, God wants you to bark like a dog? (Possessed folks do that) Lean your head left to hear the Holy Spirit speak as he only speaks in ones left ear? (Isn’t God omnipresent?). Come slow motion dance before God with Ti Chi moves! (What?)


Pass through of Fire tunnels where all lays hand on you and you them! (1 Tim 5:22 don’t lay hands on anyone hastily). Why is pagan fire worship practices, like Moloch’s fire line symbolically accepted as of God now where the spirits allegedly dope of the infant victim to laugh as they are being burned alive in the fires?


Walk labyrinth maze prayer circles find universal peace – really why bring in Jesuit spiritual exercises borrowed from ancient mystery religions of ancient Egypt into the church when the Holy Spirit resides in you and will guide you into all truth.  The Lord needs no help from paganism’s mysticisms getting in touch with the divine within to help you go … humm


Nor do you need a Christian form of astral projection to zip around the planet and reach heaven too.


If you have practiced this these sorts of things have you notice how depression and spiritual attacks comes more often after the honeymoon phase wore off?


Have you ever spoken to a Christian who has come out of the New Age movement or who has been delivered from the spirits that come by astral projection?


Here is a common summery of what they say – they astral project themselves out of the body and travel around (Jason Westerfield did this). They meet a spirit guide who takes them places, sometimes into a paradise to pass on new enlightenment – a new level of consciousness…


Honeymoon phase wears off- then the spirit guides appears not so nice. Some type of frightening things happens like sleep paralysis or total fear that they can’t reenter their body during an ascend.


Soon they see the spirit guides for the demonic beings they really are who have been fooling them.

They soon then seek deliverance and become some of the strongest and most level-headed Christians I know because they hate the New Age garbage with a passion as it is destructive.


We have whole conference in some of the faster church hopping growth movement on how to ascend so you can bring heaven down to earth … this is epidemic! It is also staining true Godly experiences as false and that is just like devil to do this, is it not?


Folks Again - There are real heaven encounters, there are real gifts of the spirit and the Devil does not want people to move in these, so he sends his mail carriers to keep sending you junk mail to stop the real in your life… he uses honest human desire to see the things of God and ruins junk mail.


Number Six – Their Junk Mail makes bad doctrine sound correct by scripture bending


2Pe 2:1-3, “But there were also false prophets among the people, even as there will be false teachers among you, who will secretly bring in destructive heresies…2 And many will follow their destructive ways, because of whom the way of truth will be blasphemed. 3 By covetousness they will exploit you with deceptive words…” NKJV


Here is but one example of Bad doctrine: sowing seed – giving money. This is so bad now that people no longer give tithes and offering to the Lord because of exploitation


No matter one’s view on tithes, giving, or offerings bible says 2 Cor 9-10 let each one give as he purposes in his heart, not grudgingly or of necessity; for God loves a cheerful giver. Verse 10 Now may He who supplies seed to the sower, and bread for food, supply and multiply the seed you have sown and increase the fruits of your righteousness,


They damage God’s kingdom and stain his name by their teaching on subject of money to bleed folks dry of income – For me, this has left a bad taste in my mouth as I was burned by this? Have You?


What is the truth well - Let’s set the record straight: Widows Mite (Mark 12:41-44)


Mark 12:41-44, Now Jesus sat opposite the treasury and saw how the people put money into the treasury. And many who were rich put in much. Then one poor widow came and threw in two mites. 43 So He called His disciples to Himself and said to them, "Assuredly, I say to you that this poor widow has put in more than all those who have given to the treasury; 44 for they all put in out of their abundance, but she out of her poverty put in all that she had, her whole livelihood (Bios – spirit-spirit all of herself)."


It is not about the amount, or giving till it hurts, it is about giving out her life-Bios- soul – she loved God and wanted to obey God whom she loved and gave what she had because she loved God enough to trust him – period. “Ouch… that hurts!”


It is not about giving to get. You don’t give to get. Tithes - offerings are about obeying God because you love him – not what you can get out of him. How do I know this?


Mat 6:3 Jesus said, “But when you do a charitable deed, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing…”


Luke 6:34-35 sets up the principle – to lend-give not expecting a return… You see God test the heart


Those in the temple gave out of their abundance to get more abundance – they were robbing God by manipulating bible verses like Mal 3:10 to twist God’s arm in give them an increase – making God obligated to perform his own word to them…


When Jesus was tempted by devil in desert the Devil tempted Jesus to use other scriptures in the same way (see Luke 4:9-13)


Devil told Jesus, “Jump off – Angels will catch you because it is written you know!”

 Aren’t you glad Jesus passed the test so we can too! – come on now say amen to that!


Using the bible to manipulate God to give to you because he promises to give back pressed down shaken together – blessing you can’t contain is not the sole reason to give – do you see this yet?


Bad doctrine teaches people to give in order to get – so God is obligated to give back many fold thus people are exploited and gamed of their hard earned dough. It leaves a bad taste after you catch on and the result, those doing God’s true work lack resources needed to dispense abroad.


The widow, by what the Greek word translated as livelihood or life means – she gave without thought of getting anything back – she loved and trusted God for the temple work. Her life was into her giving…she loved God’s work and gave. She did not demand by her giving to get back her due with interest from God like the others did… thus robbing God by contrived forcing his hand because she gave.


Mal 3:10 is about giving in loving obedience so God’s works and ways to continue on earth, not to twist God’s arm in a formula to get more abundant blessings from God. It shows you really trust God and to trust him like that means one Loves Him… “ouch! That even convicts me!”


God told the folks in Mal 3:8-9 they were robbing God. Jesus told the Pharisees Scribes and Sadducees of his day they tithed everything to the minute degree with the idea of getting God to give back to them while neglecting the weightier matters. Jesus rebuke them for this as he did so Mal 3:8-9 for causing the whole nation of Israel to rob God.


Tithes and giving is a test of love for God we all must face. Do we love and trust God enough to give to his work without any expectation of return – if so the blessings of Mal 3:10 will follow.


Ouch – that hurts – tithes -offerings – who to give too: give to those doing the work of God as an act love to God that you trust and not what you get out of him – test – try him in this…ouch do we trust God – really trust him?


Face it –   we are all guilty in some degree - right? We’ve been so burnt and hurt by the fakery that many don’t give at all anymore? The Kingdom of God hindered on earth – God help us!


Look for those – who sow the real gospel into others’ lives the gospel. Is your church that way – fine. If not and the leader wants his sixth 74 million dollar privet jet – run to the hills.


Lastly number seven – the Devils mail carriers mail out: Last days revival cometh approved by only by us!


Book of Joel mentions cyclic of outpourings of the HOLY SPIRIT and the one in the last days will be astounding. The bible backs this up. There will be a last day last call of sorts – great revival most likely as the book of Revelations mentions about the two witnesses and the 144,000- end time evangelist sent forth. Before that time, cyclic revivals-awakenings happen too.


However False minsters, who deliver junk mail, use the idea of end time revival as the means to spread their new revelations received while playing checkers with God in the throne room.

Their revival - is all about easy street, prosperity, effortless evangelism when all run into their building to receive their radical positive change then receive a set of pretty tickle me pink ear rings for coming.  


If you disagree – you are not in the in cutting edge crowd doing God’s new things because the teachings about surrendering to God, denying self, carrying the cross, the message of the cross. Jesus resurrection, preaching the name of Jesus was okay in the day but now outdated as too offensive and not secret sensitive enough…they shame you for even daring to stand for the real Jesus   


Folks, every outpouring of the Lord’s brought forth extreme persecution and rejection of the gospel while at the same time bringing masses to the Lord


Jesus said of last days in Mark 13:13, “And you will be hated by all for My name's sake. But he who endures to the end shall be saved.” NKJV


Jesus also said he came to bring a sword – divide who will be with him - out from those who reject


When Jesus cast Legion out of a man the locals wanted Jesus to leave the area, not set up a healing ministry! They chased him out of town. So what did Jesus do – why he sent the man who was set free back into  the area testify – lay the ground work for a future harvest to come after his resurrection.


Jesus heals a blind man and immediately the man found himself on trial in the synagogue, yet he testified of Jesus and would not deny him. He was set amongst wolves. His own parents denied him and he lost his place in the synagogue and society for not denying Jesus! Many who heard later became believers in Christ!


Question: What is this end time revival or any move of God going to cost you?


Way the devils junk mail says – nothing much at all – other than avoid the doctrines that changed the world out of darkness in exchange for more junk mail!


The Junk mail carriers teach – the opposite – all will be well – if only great signs and wonders happen again people will run into their churches and fill them up. However, Jesus said to go out into all the world, make disciples to be influenced by the Holy Spirit and not influenced by some guru – who needs his or her 10th privet jet or their 5th mansion on beach


The man freed of Legion went out and set the stage for others to harvest later on. The Lord Changes not. All moves of God create harshest push back by the world system against Jesus and wants him run out of town.


Being weirdly wacky barking like dogs, holding fire tunnels, astral projecting, occultism mixed into the church also creates push back and in no way legitimatize nonsense as approved of God either but only serves the enemy to destroy the faith of many Christians.  The world mocks this, it does not push back against it – in fact we now have Christian witch conferences!


All heaven-sent revivals travail in prayer where folks spent time to know God deeper and, in the process, had their souls and heart healed and shouted Glory to Jesus who redeemed set them free to all around – testifying midst the harshest push back – that name Jesus caused – my how the fur flies as they say when that happens!


As Rev 12:11 says -- And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives to the death.


Are you ready? Let’s pray


Heavenly Father, I ask for your holy presence to fall on our hearts and draw us back to you, wiser to recognize the Devils Junk Mail being sent to us. And cause us to reject it…


According to your word spoken in 2 Ch 7:14 which declares:  if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.


I see how what I need to do – restore to me the joy of your salvation in Jesus name


Now everyone please feel free to personalize this prayer for yourself…


Lord Jesus, forgive me- for I have not been humble before you - but been agreeing with the devil’s junk mail. It tells me to think wrong about you and others and myself. It caused me to act in pride. Forgive me of this in Jesus name.


Lord Jesus help me seek and know you and trust you. Guide me with your Holy Word – teach me from the bible as my daily bread I need. Let you Holy Spirit Resurrection Power fall on me again and again to keep me humble before you and to know you better each day.


Lord Jesus, I call on your name, I need to turn away from reading the devils junk mail! I am a mess and have so many wicked thoughts, and ways plaguing me. Reveal to me anything I am blind too and need to deal with that I cannot see so I can turn away from it and set me free of it no matter the pain…In Jesus Name


I am guilty of twisting your word to suite my own ways. I misrepresented you so much by how I acted (think on this for a minute). Wash me in the blood of Jesus so I will be clean.


Help me – send for your Holy Spirit power to empower my moral compass to do more-right and less and less wrong so my heart and soul will be made excellent whole, balanced, and sound - fill me now with thy resurrection power.  In Jesus Name… Fill me now…